CMC Consulting is working with the high tech machinery suppliers for non woven industry . Our partner Elmarco has the latest technology for nano-fiber production lines to make patented products . We do special projects for military , medical and other industries . Our engineers are specialised to make special products .


- Nano Fiber Coating  - ELMARCO  ( Technical textile , battery separators , depth air&water filters , medicine , inorganic materials and etc )  

- S,SS,SMS,SMMS Production Lines . New Spunbond Technology from HARTGE DEVELOPMENT low cost of investment with high capacity production . MADE IN TURKEY 

- UHMWPE Yarn Production Lines  for  Ballistic Armour and defence . 

- Thermo bonding , Lamination , Winders , Unwinders , Press , Drum Ovens . 

- Wet Laid Non-woven Production Lines

- Spun-lace Production Lines

- Non-Woven Bag Making Lines

- Special applications for non woven cloths . 

- Bitumen Membrane Production Lines

- Pet Geo-membrane Fiber Production Lines

- Pet Roll Chemical Coating for Bitumen Geo-membrane . 

- Round Cotton Pad production + packing line 60packs/min



Elmarco Nanofiber Coating Machine 




                                      HARTGE DEVELOPMENT TURKEY AND MIDDLE EAST OFFICE 

                                      HARTGE DEVELOPMENT TURKEY AND MIDDLE EAST OFFICE 

The new process took 10 years and 10,000 hours to develop. It is remarkably less complex than every other system available. The H2 system is automation friendly, easy to operate, very compact, and costs 90% less than Reicofil. Furthermore, it requires 50% less labor than all Reicofil, Chinese, and Italian machines. 


Features and Benefits

H2 hardware is much smaller than all other technologies. Small footprint fewer precision machined parts reduce the price of the machine. Required building size and height further reduces project price and lead time.

Simple is better:

H2 technology is very easy to understand and operate. The process was created to solve the problems of complicated large machines, providing a unified solution for spinning and web forming to minimize process parameters. The key is H2’s patent and PCT protected impingement spinning, a robust high output process that makes a wide range of spunbond fabrics. The system produces high spin speeds, however the forming dynamics slow down the fibers before the belt, making lay down easy, similar to the Meltblown process.

Scaleable production:

The H2 system is easily configured as a one, two or three beam system. SMS can be integrated by adding customer’s choice of Meltblown technology. 


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