Started By An Idea

         Founded in 2010  in Hong Kong, from that time we are serving our customers the latest technology , strategy , operations ,consulting and organisation cross-industry and cross border .  Together with its clients, CMC CONSULTING works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading company value over the long term. CMC has created many values in Turkey and Middle East area . 


We serve all kind of clients ;


-       Large multinational companies

-       Midsize companies

-       Small start-up's

Our Markets ;

-    Turkey 

-     Iran 

-    Middle East 

-    East Europe 

-    China


          When we start to work with our clients . We think their business as our business . The main goal is the push them for higher expectations . To solve the problems on production or starting a new company , we do deeply focus on the topic . Our solutions is different for each customer . CMC help customers decide where they want to go , and how to get there in safety way .


       CMC CONSULTING is action & result oriented company .  We do not tell non-achievable stories to our customer . That’s why , our solutions have fastest return on investment .